International Children

How HTC Is Making a Difference


HTC Arizona sponsors children from abroad who require extensive medical and surgical treatment for admission to the US. Once a child’s need is identified and free medical care is arranged, children are flown to Arizona, where they live with volunteer host families who care for them through their medical treatment. Once the children recover, and are healthy and strong, they return to their families in their home country.



We have already helped children from all these countries as HTC continues helping children around the corner… and around the world.


6 year old Odka from Mongolia was born with some type of abdominal "tumor" that disappeared around age 2. At 5 years of age, it returned and quickly started growing, causing her a significant amount of discomfort. Because of its large blood supply, physicians in Mongolia did not feel qualified to remove the tumor and HTCAZ was contacted. In December 2012, Odka arrived with a smile of her face when she was met by her host family after a very long 24 hr trip from Mongolia with her airline escort, Joanne. Odka had surgery in January, 2013 and will soon be returning to her family in Mongolia, but only after her host family takes her to Disneyland for an experience she's, undoubtedly, never going to forget. Thank you to Scottsdale Healthcare Shea, Dr. Kathleen Graziano and Valley Anesthesia for treating Odka. Odka was hosted by the Lowther family.

Odka with escort, Joanne, and host family.
With host family and siblings
Ready for surgery with Dr. Graziano
Ready to go and all smiles”


13 year old Nelly from Honduras was born with a congenital deformity of her left leg which was 15 inches shorter than her right. She required crutches in order to be mobile since a very early age. Our international partner in Honduras offered to help Nelly find an organization who could provide her with an amputation and prosthetic. It took Nelly a few years to make the difficult decision that this is what she wanted. Healing the Children Arizona was contacted and we were able to arrange for her amputation and state of the art prosthetic donated by Hanger Orthotics and Prosthetics. Nelly had her amputation in October 2012 and has been hard at work with physical therapy walking on her new prosthetic limb. HTCAZ thanks Dr. Brad Bruns, John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital, Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, Petersen Physical Therapy and Deer Valley Anesthesia for helping Nelly achieve her lifelong dream of being able to walk and run with her friends. Nelly will return home in March, 2013 to an anxious family waiting to see her walk off the plane for the very first time. Nelly was hosted by the Carson family.

Nelly with host parents, the Carsons
Nelly with Dr. Bruns prior to surgery. Nelly is holding a casting of her limb th...
Nelly with her host sisters
Working hard with physical therapist, Jeff Petersen, at Petersen Physical Therap...
A walk in the park with her new leg

17-year-old Beatriz has life changing foot surgery in Arizona

17 year old Beatriz had been born with bilateral malformation of her feet and legs. Although missing many bones, Beatriz had overcome her disability and was able to ambulate fairly well. However, her left foot was so deformed that her foot arched and did not lay flat. The stress of walking on this foot was sure to predispose her to an early degeneration and cause her significant problems in the future. In November, 2010, Beatriz arrived with all smiles and was welcomed by her host family, the McCurdys. In December 2010, Beatriz underwent surgery on her left foot by Dr. Brad Bruns at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital. Beatriz returned home in February 2011 after making many friends with her peppy personality.

beatriz 054
beatriz 079
beatriz 217


15 year old Bryan from Honduras underwent scoliosis surgery at Shriners Hospital for Children in Los Angeles in November 2012. Nearing the age of bone maturation, physicians knew they wouldn't be able to completely straighten Bryan's severely curved spine (it made a 136 degree curve). The degree of correction depended upon the flexibility of his spine. To our amazement, Bryan had an approximate 80% correction and he stood 3 inches taller. Bryan's recovery was uneventful and he returned to his family in Honduras in February 2013. HTCAZ thanks Dr. Kit Song, Shriners Hospital for Children Los Angeles and the Phoenix El Zaribah Shriners for this life changing opportunity for Bryan. Bryan was hosted by the Ricketts family.

Bryan meets his host family, Bob and Johanna Ricketts
Bryan’s spine before surgery
Bryan’s spine after surgery
Bryan with Dr. Song and his nurse saying thank you and goodbye

7 hour surgery allows 17-year-old Shantal to eat whole foods

At the age of 6, Shantal fell from tiered stadium seating and suffered a horrendous injury to her jaw which left her with the inability to adequately open her mouth. She subsequently underwent two failed jaw surgeries in her native Jamaica. After years of living with this injury, which not only left her with the inability to open her mouth but also with an obvious deformity of her jaw, an American friend sought assistance from Healing the Children. In November, 2010, at the age of 17, Shantal left the Bahamas where she was then living and arrived in Phoenix. Due to years of having difficulty eating, she was very underweight. Dr. James Bertz described the necessity of her surgery as essential for survival. In December 2010, with donated care provided by Dr. Bertz and Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn, Shantal underwent 7 hours of surgery. Shantal returned home in January, 2011 being able to completely open her mouth, chew and eat food for the first time in many years. Shantal will return to Phoenix for one more surgery to align her jaw in the summer of 2011.

hiking with shantal
shantal 012
shantal 049
shantals arrival
shantal with dr. bertz
shantal with host mom
shantal with host sister
with host sisters