6 year old Odka from Mongolia was born with some type of abdominal "tumor" that disappeared around age 2. At 5 years of age, it returned and quickly started growing, causing her a significant amount of discomfort. Because of its large blood supply, physicians in Mongolia did not feel qualified to remove the tumor and HTCAZ was contacted. In December 2012, Odka arrived with a smile of her face when she was met by her host family after a very long 24 hr trip from Mongolia with her airline escort, Joanne. Odka had surgery in January, 2013 and will soon be returning to her family in Mongolia, but only after her host family takes her to Disneyland for an experience she's, undoubtedly, never going to forget. Thank you to Scottsdale Healthcare Shea, Dr. Kathleen Graziano and Valley Anesthesia for treating Odka. Odka was hosted by the Lowther family.

Odka with escort, Joanne, and host family.
With host family and siblings
Ready for surgery with Dr. Graziano
Ready to go and all smiles”