Local Children

fp2HTC Arizona helps local children who are not eligible for State or Federal programs or those whose families can’t pay for medical treatment, prescriptions or equipment. Children are often referred to HTC by community physicians or school nurses. We also help local organizations who provide medical or dental services to Arizona children.






HTC Provides Services to Local Patients and Schools


a 7 year old girl from Phoenix with a cleft palate, was referred to Healing the Children by a school nurse. HTC was able to make arrangements with Dr. Stephen Beals who provided her with a comprehensive consultation visit. Sidney was then further assisted by the cranio-facial foundation.


was not able to get her prescription medications when her family underwent a job switch, which lead to a change in insurance companies. HTC covered Maddison’s prescription until the family’s new insurance plan took over.


was suffering from cancer. His mom gave up her job to take care of Charlie full time. This caused a delay in regular payments while they were looking for additional services to be put into place. HTC covered one of the bills to help make ends meet. And because it was nearly Christmas, the HTC Board Members gave Charlie and his mom a nice holiday gift also.

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