8-year-old Ana gets new esophagus and tastes her first hamburger

Ana was just two years old when she accidentally drank a caustic liquid that was in a can outside of a cousin's house in rural Honduras. Although it was only one sip before she stopped and started screaming, that sip was enough to completely damage her esophagus. For the next six years, Ana could not eat or drink and had to be fed via a gastric tube. She could not even swallow her own saliva. 8 yr old Ana arrived in October, 2010 to prepare for an enormous surgery, that would entail using 60% of her colon to make a new esophagus. On January 3rd, 2011, Ana underwent 10 hours of surgery to give her a new esophagus. Dr. Tuan Pham, Dr. Ravindra Vegunta and Dr. Nathan Page of Cardon Children's Medical Center successfully accomplished what her parents prayed for. Ana could eat and drink like any normal child. After just five weeks, she was eating hamburgers, french fries, pizza and popcorn, the foods she had been waiting to try. Ana is due to return home to Honduras in March 2011 after weeks of swallow and speech therapy.


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