7 hour surgery allows 17-year-old Shantal to eat whole foods

At the age of 6, Shantal fell from tiered stadium seating and suffered a horrendous injury to her jaw which left her with the inability to adequately open her mouth. She subsequently underwent two failed jaw surgeries in her native Jamaica. After years of living with this injury, which not only left her with the inability to open her mouth but also with an obvious deformity of her jaw, an American friend sought assistance from Healing the Children. In November, 2010, at the age of 17, Shantal left the Bahamas where she was then living and arrived in Phoenix. Due to years of having difficulty eating, she was very underweight. Dr. James Bertz described the necessity of her surgery as essential for survival. In December 2010, with donated care provided by Dr. Bertz and Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn, Shantal underwent 7 hours of surgery. Shantal returned home in January, 2011 being able to completely open her mouth, chew and eat food for the first time in many years. Shantal will return to Phoenix for one more surgery to align her jaw in the summer of 2011.

hiking with shantal
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shantals arrival
shantal with dr. bertz
shantal with host mom
shantal with host sister
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