Our History

It began with one child.

In 1979, an American couple adopted a young Korean child, only to see her die soon after. Her adoptive parents soon found out that their daughter's condition could have been treated when she was an infant, but the necessary medical services were not available to her in her home land.

From this tragedy, a vision and a cause were born.

Some months after the little girl's death, her adoptive mother happened to hear of another child, this one from Guatemala, who would soon die without a surgical procedure not offered there. She did what seemed natural - and indeed, inevitable - and arranged for the child to travel to the United States and have the surgery done here. That was the first healing act of Healing the Children, national.

Today, Healing the Children Arizona is an active and imaginative 501(c)3, nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to securing donated medical and surgical care for foreign and domestic children who are in need. More than 400 children have been treated and saved as a direct result of work from the Arizona chapter.

From its beginning in one family, the national office of Healing the Children has grown to encompass 12 chapters in 22 states, working with one common goal – keeping children healthy. In fact, more than 95,000 children from around the world are alive, whole, and healthy because Healing the Children is working on their behalf.

Changing the world . . . One child at a time.